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Pix of me Always Under Construction 5/01/09

Basic Splinemanship I – Tutorial Seamless Hatch Tutorial
Basic Splinemanship II – Tutorial Internal Patches Tutorial
Basic Splinemanship III – Connectivity The Making of Enya 90 Model
Pose Sliders Tutorial FontWiz (AI) Tutorial
Alpha Channel Tutorial Creative Thinking Ideas
Work in Progress Seamless Tiles in Photoshop 4.+
NEW--> Family Fun

C.A.R.T. Model

C.A.R.T. model done in V8 beta. Study in metals & reflections, and pushing A:M
with mechanical modeling -- the chrome wheels are modeled too.

Take Ride on Reading

Take a Ride on the Reading!
Circa 1949 Electro-Motive type GP-7 1,500 hp Diesel road switcher.
Close to 5,500 patches, this is by far my most complex model to date.
The whole model and project was done in V7 beta.

Butterfly Angelfish

My latest fish creations. With just a few more species I could make "TinCan's Reef."


School of Fish

Results I got from my "Pose Sliders" Tutorial (I added the sandstone texture
in Photoshop), the complete V6.1 project file is available for download from
my tutorial page. Enjoy! Many thanks to Andrew Weiler who provided
the color map in his tutorial on decaling for brand X.


Glass Seahorse, patterned after my friend IguanaKim's (Kim Oravecz) Seahorse Image.
Used with permission. You can see more of her images at KandSDesign



Modeled in Hash's AM98 Beta4 in just under four hours! I attribute some
of my new abilities to reading and applying lessons learned from
Jeff Paries's book "The Animation:Master Handbook." Thanks Jeff!

Lady Venus

“Lady Venus” – AM98 Image

One of the fabled "Snail-Riders of Fern," Lady Venus is known throughout many lands
for her legendary bravery and prowess. Lady Venus once worked for the Septaurian
Lumber Company thinning and tending a forest of Bobo trees, when a group of
misguided environmentalists beamed down and started a major ruckus. During the battle
with one of the leaders of the raid, Lady Venus injured her left knee and had it
replaced by the Borg. She now cruises the Galaxy with her trusty mount, and
with her stable boy, Jeff, searches for the last remaining members of the infamous
“Septaurian Bobo Forest Raiders.” Many is the fleeing bandit who has had cause
to rue the masterful way in which Venus handles her thoroughbred mount.


“Alien Tina Turner”
This was a hair test, and to my surprise the
render reminded me of Tina... Skirts are Darktree Textures.