This is my work in progress page, the images will change
from time to time as I play with new stuff.

More attention to the wheel trucks (see insert & compare to earlier images) added nuts, brake pads, actuators, tie bars, thing-a-ma-bobs, do-dads, and the ever present whatchamacallits. Of course all of these groups are times 4 or in some cases x8, I'm now around 6,500 patches! The train body itself is under 300 patches, the rest is NERNIES! Although I haven't changed the colors; all the nuts, bars, wheels and hubs are in named groups ready for colors or materials. At 6,500 patches things have slowed down, I think I spent 2 hours making the first wheel set and another 2 in importing and group naming! The project file is now close to 1.25 megs. This is a copy paste flip model to the extreme.

Big render! Started adjusting the mesh more, and adding textures, still using temporary decals and bumpmaps. Changed the angle of the camera. This takes about an hour to render on my PC (450) at 1800 x 1200 rez.


Fun with Font Wizard Beta 2 designed by Howard Trickey
(Who probably doesn't realize he just revolutionized some mechanical modeling in AM)

Deco-Block model and !Blocks.TTF available for download The model file can be opened in V7.1 with no
apparent problems. There is only one glyph assigned to all the letters and the font name is Block - use at your own risk.
I found setting the bevel at 0.5 gave good results for this font.

If you have questions or comments please write to me at; Jeff Cantin