Newbie Pose Slider Tutorial

©1999 By Jeff Cantin aka TinCan on IRC

First of all, pose sliders is a AM98 6.1 thing at this time (I made this tut with Intel Beta10). There is probably more to it than this but because the pose slider feature is not fully implemented yet many things could change. This is intended to get you started! Print out this tutorial and follow along.

fish Down load the file and open it up in AM98 V6.1. You should see the action window from the birdseye view. Display the pose sliders by "alt 3" or by View dropdown menu select Pose Sliders. I have set up 3 poses, one for the right fin, one for the left fin, and one for the tail fin. Note: at this time pose sliders work in the muscle mode only (that could change in the near future, but at this time it’s muscle only).

First, I will explain on how to use them in my example project file, after that I will explain how to create your own. (We will make a pose slider for the mouth.)

Let’s get started…

The action window is open and the sliders are visible and the frame counter is set to 0. Slide the three sliders anywhere you want to, when you are happy move the frame counter to 10 and adjust the sliders again. Now advance the frame counter to 11, this will make frame 10 a "keyframe." Just for fun, step through the frames back to zero and forward to 10. You should see the sliders move as you step through the frames! Really, it’s as easy as that! Set the frame counter to 20 and move the sliders some more, advance to frame 21 to set 20 as a keyframe.

Envision using pose sliders on another model…

Now take a moment to think how the right fin could be the right eye of a face model. When the fin is high the eye could be wide open and the eyebrow raised up. When the fin is lowered the eye could be closed and the eyebrow lowered down. And the same thing would apply for the left eye. With sliders you could adjust the slider to a frame that exactly matched the expression you had in your mind’s eye. By just advancing the frame counter in the action you basically "set" it as a keyframe.

Creating a new pose…

Let’s make a new pose for the mouth. From the "Action" drop down menu choose, "Create Pose," a new pose will show up in the PWS, rename it "Mouth." Double click on the "Mouth" pose on the PWS to open the pose window. Change to muscle mode. Click on the "mouth" group name and whack the hide key (H keystroke). Zoom as needed. You will notice the neutral setting is they way I modeled the fish’s mouth, kinda partly open. Advance the pose’s frame counter to +100 if it’s not there already. At Frame +100 open the mouth wide by selecting some of the CPs and moving them around, when you are happy with your open mouth, move the frame counter to –100 and move the CPs to a fully closed position. Unhide the rest of the model. Close the pose window and save the project.

Now you should have a new slider showing up in the sliders window. Here is a tip from someone on the list awhile back… pose –100 and +100 should be exaggerated. The reason for this is to allow for exaggerated movement when needed for overshoot. At frame +90 & -90 should be what the normal range of expression would be.

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